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About Ekeri

Side Opening Refrigerated Trailer and Truck Body Manufacturer. Ekeri wants side opening to become synonymous with Ekeri, and for Ekeri to be the best choice for those looking to purchase bodies, trailers or semi-trailers that can be opened from the side. The company was founded in 1945. By the 50s they were building their first trailers, and by the 60s their first semi-trailers. Since the end of the 70s the company has been manufacturing side-opening units, and are now the European market leader for such products. Loading Ekeri trailers is easy thanks to the openable sides. Ekeri is all about user-friendly, side-opening transportation solutions, optimised to suit the customer’s needs and designed to maximise the productivity of customer operations.

Ekeri Products & Services

• Semi-Trailers. For international transportation that adheres to European standards, suitable for both long-distance transport and distribution.
• Truck Bodies. For urban distribution and long-distance transport.
• Step-Frame Semi-Trailers. Maximum loading volume for long-distance transport and distribution.
• City Semi-Trailers. A flexible solution for urban distribution.
• Centre-Axle Trailers. For long-distance transport and flexible distribution, either as an 18.75 metre combination or a 25.25 metre module combination
• Drawbar-Trailers. For long-distance transport; 4 and 5 axle configurations for use in Sweden and Finland, as well as shorter options for Norway and the EU.


Kolpintie 1276,
68800 Kolppi,

Telephone: +358 6 788 7400

E-mail: info@ekeri.fi
Website: www.ekeri.com