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About Ad van Geloven

Production of frozen convenience snacks and leading frozen snacks company in Europe. Tilburg-based Van Geloven supplies a full range of frozen convenience snacks and foods across a diverse brand family, including the iconic Mora brand – the most popular snacks brand in the Benelux – the artisanal ragout brand “the Bourgondiër”, satay specialist Hebro, foodservice specialty brands Ad van Geloven, van Lieshout & Welten as well as private label contracts with major retail and foodservice customers.

Van Geloven offers customers a carefully compiled range of tasty, high-quality and responsible snack products with an excellent return. The range includes six leading brands, including familiar snack champions. The Ad van Geloven croquette, the Van Lieshout frikandel sausage, the Welten Bami Oriental, the Bourgondy croquette and the Mora Kipkorn chicken snack are favourites in the market.

McCain Foods Limited, Canada, owns a majority stake in Van Geloven. McCain Foods is a family owned company, an international leader in the frozen food industry and the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products. The company has 41 production facilities on six continents and its products are used in restaurants and sold at retail stores in over 160 countries around the world.

Van Geloven owns the following brands, Mora (finger food, frikandel sausages, croquettes, fried bami noodle snacks and spring rolls), Ad van Geloven, Welten (oriental snacks), Van Lieshout Snacks (hamburgers and meatloaf products), Bourgondiër and Hebro (satay, croquettes, pastry snacks and spring rolls).


• Frozen Cheese appetizers
• Frozen Chicken appetizers
• Frozen Tapas
• Frozen Croquettes and Mini Croquettes
• Finger food
• Spring rolls
• Oriental snacks
• Frikandel

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The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 13 46 40 680
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