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Advanced Equipment Inc. Canada designs and manufactures Low Temperature Mechanical Refrigeration IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) freezing systems for fast freezing various food products such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, red meat, bakery, and special prepared foods in food processing plants.

In the past 25 years, the Advanced Equipment freezer has been established globally as one of the recognized leader in the IQF frozen food industry among Major Frozen Food Producers with their reliable IQF Freezing Systems.

Advanced Equipment Inc. freezers are designed and built to meet North American USDA, UL, CFIA CSA and OSHA Standards for Safety, Sanitation, Maintenance and Accessibility.

Advanced Equipment manufactures most of the components in house so they can maintain and control product quality to produce the most economical and dependable freezers based on customer’s requirements.

Advanced Equipment Inc. head office and manufacturing plant is located in Richmond BC, Canada

– IQF Spiral Freezers
– IQF Tunnel Freezers
– Modular IQF Fluidized Tunnel Freezers
– Packaged IQF Fluidized Tunnel Freezers
– Singlepass Freezers / Impingement Polybelt Tunnel Freezers
– Multipass Belt Tunnel Freezers
– Contact Belt Freezers
– Drag-thru-dolly Tunnel Freezers
– Variable Time Tunnel Freezers
– Spiral Freezer Belting

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