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About Agrarfrost GmbH & Co. KG

Frozen food manufacturer. Agrarfrost is a quality and customer oriented, independent company, with a particular focus on sustainable activity. Ever since its foundation in 1967, our family-owned enterprise has been characterised by continuously developed principles and procedures. We do not only focus on short-term results; our primary objective is to achieve long-term success. We constantly pursue the goal of protecting and expanding created assets in the long term by ensuring a high level of reliability and sustainable management in all areas. Commercial success, environment-friendly use of natural resources and responsibility towards employees, business partners and society constitute the basis of our corporate culture.

Ever since the company was established in 1967 the plant and administration have been located in the middle of the potato-growing areas of the Wildeshauser Geest. This is how we keep our distances short and our products fresh. In Aldrup we produce French fries, potato flakes and potato specialities such as croquettes and hash browns. The plant in Oschersleben was established in 1992 and it is located in the potato-growing area of the Magdeburger Börde. In this potato processing plant we produce potato chips and sticks as well as French fries. Similar to our plant in Aldrup, our products in Oschersleben are freshly produced from whole potatoes, with the help of the most modern technology – strictly controlled by different independent sites.

Agrarfrost Products:

• Frozen Potato Products (French Fries, Hash Browns, Patatas Bravas, Pommes Noisettes, Potato Croquettes, Potato Wedges, Sauté Potatoes, Potato Pancakes)


Aldrup 3,
27793 Wildeshausen,

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