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About AJC International

AJC International is a global leader in the procurement and sale of frozen meat, poultry, pork, seafood and vegetable products and their respective derivatives, with 45 years of experience.

AJC branded products are sold in 70 countries and sourced in over 11 countries around the globe. The main brands are Golden Phoenix, Mity Fresh and Early Dawn. Together they total over 100 products, including chicken cuts, french fries, vegetables, seafood and processed chicken.

AJC Brands

• Golden Phoenix, this brand includes poultry, further-processed meat, frozen potato and vegetable products for use in retail, wholesale and distribution settings. Retail products are tailored to the language and labeling requirements of the destination market. Sold in more than 60 countries.
• Mity Fresh, Mity Fresh® products are available in either cost-effective, logo-only, plain poly packages for food service use, or in packages featuring eye-catching photography for retailers. The Mity Fresh vegetable line is especially well known for its premium quality and wide variety.
• Early Dawn, AJC’s Early Dawn brand provides an easy-to-identify logo for retail and food service packaging. The product range for Early Dawn® brand products is broad – from frozen Vegetables to Seafood to Pork and Potato Products.
• Garden Maid, Garden Maid brand offers frozen French Fries for food service and retail business.
• Del Campo, brand offers a great range of products, including French Fries, Hash Browns and Vegetables. For retailers, distributors, wholesaler or food service business.

Address Headquarters

1000 Abernathy Rd NE # 600,
Atlanta, GA 30328,

Telephone: +1 404 252 6750

Website: www.ajcfood.com