Ardas Frost S.A., Komara Orestiada Evros, 68006, Greece

Ardas Frost S.A., Komara Orestiada Evros, 68006, Greece

About Ardas Frost S.A.

IQF frozen vegetables. The company ARDAS FROST SA founded in 1997 and operates in the sector of frozen vegetables. The company has modern facilities approximately 10 acres, consisting of mainly vegetables processing plant, and cold storage where they are stored finished goods.

The head office and facilities of the company, are located in the settlement of area Komara Orestiada, Evros. In the region is the large plain of Orestiada but also the Ardas and Evros rivers which are a benchmark for the cultivation of vegetables as well as all the cultivated land used by the company for production, located to the fertile riverside areas of these two rivers. The choice of these areas was done by the criteria so that the soils located in the riverside areas are an ideal for cultivation of vegetables, as much that the timing of transport of first raw materials from the moment of harvest until frozen vegetables are less than 30 minutes, so that the vegetables reach the consumer’s plate most fresh than ever.

n 2005 the company proceeded into modernization of the production line and an expansion of the cold stores, with the result today to be in a position to process products like peas with editable and refrigeration is up to 7,500 kg per hour and also broad beans, round and borlotti beans with editable and refrigeration reaches until 6,000 kg per hour. All this makes the processing unit of Ardas Frost as one of the largest production units of our country

Ardas Frost produces, processes and sells products such as peas, broad bean, round bean, borlotti bean, okra, broccoli and caulliflower in cooperation with local farmers cooperatives. The company’s goal for next years is to increase the product range with products such as mixed vegetables, sweet corn, carrot etc. The company standardizes vegetables both in industrial packaging in cartons of 10 kg and in small packs of 1000 gr., 2500 gr. Etc..

Ardas Frost S.A. Frozen Products

• IQF Frozen Vegetables (Green Peas, Flat Green Bean, Round Green Bean, Okra, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sweet Corn)


Komara Orestiada Evros,

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