Aviko B.V., Doctor A. Ariensstraat 28, 7221 CD Steenderen, The Netherlands

Logo AvikoAviko B.V., Doctor A. Ariensstraat 28, 7221 CD Steenderen, The Netherlands

About Aviko B.V.

Frozen food manufacturer. Aviko has been creating value from potatoes for over 50 years. Since its incorporation in 1962, it expanded to become one of Europeans biggest producers in fresh, frozen and dried potato products.

Today Aviko is also one of the four largest potato processors in the world, operating in more than 110 countries. Aviko is backed by the financial strength of the Dutch parent company Royal Cosun, with its annual turnover of € 2 billion. Aviko supplies suitable potato products for every market (foodservice, retail or industrial), partnering the best retailers and foodservice organisations in the world. Its home base is Europe, but Aviko is represented on all continents by its ‘own’ local people who are familiar with the local situation. This enables Aviko to provide optimal service to the growing global markets.

Aviko provides appropriate potato products for every kitchen. This enables all Foodservice Professionals to serve appealing and profitable potato dishes. Whether these are chips, wedges or gratins, all our products are tailored to customer wishes and are of high quality, have a long shelf life and relatively short delivery times.

Aviko B.V. Products:

• Frozen Potato Products (French Fries, Hash Browns, Sweet Potato Fries, Oven Chips, Diced Potatoes, Wedges, Patatas Bravas, Pommes Rissolees, Sweet Potato Diced, Frozen Jacket Potatoes, Baked Potato Skins, Mashed Potatoes, Pommes Noisettes, Pommes Croquettes, Pommes Duchesse, Potato Pancakes, Rösti Bites, Röstiko Rounds)
• Frozen Snacks (Veggie Burger, Onion Rings, Mozzarella Fingers, Jalapeno Snacks, Chilli Cheddar Cheese Nuggets, Squid Rings, Churros)


Dr. A. Ariënstraat 28
7221 CD Steenderen,
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)575 458 200

Website: www.aviko.com