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About the company
Barber Foods is the creator and market leader of frozen stuffed chicken breasts in the United States. Since 1955, Barber Foods has created simple, delicious food that makes any meal special. The company selects the finest cheeses, highest-quality meats and freshest vegetables for every stuffed chicken breast they make.

In 2011, Barber Foods was acquired by AdvancePierre Foods with the common goal: the never-ending pursuit to delight customers. With this new leadership, Barber Foods continues to be the maker of America’s favorite frozen stuffed chicken breast.

Barber Foods celebrated their 60th Anniversary in 2015, and is proud to be America’s favorite frozen stuffed chicken breast.

Headquarters and facilities
AdvancePierre Foods is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has 10 facilities, two distribution centers and three support centers. AdvancePierre operates three fully cooked protein facilities in Enid, Okla. and West Chester, Ohio; and three raw and partially cooked protein facilities in Enid and Portland, Maine. In addition, the company produces more than a million sandwiches a day at four fully assembled sandwich and integrated bakery facilities in Easley, South Carolina; Amherst, Ohio; Claremont, North Carolina; and Caseyville, Illinois.

• Frozen stuffed chicken breasts. There are 12 varieties including Original Stuffed Chicken Breast and Seasoned Stuffed Chicken Breasts.
• Chicken Breast Nuggets, Strips & Patties.

9987 Carver Rd., Suite 500,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Tel.: 800.969.2747