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About Berrico Food Company

IQF Frozen Fruit. Berrico is specialised in the supply of edible berries, intended for further processing by professional parties. For juice and drink producers Berrico supplies frozen berries, especially cranberries, blueberries and goji berries. The IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) cranberries are packaged for use in the catering industry or as a consumer product. For producers who wish to press their own, Berrico supplies frozen cranberries.

Berrico is more than just an importer, trader and distributor of interesting berries, seeds and vegetables from around the globe. Thanks to our worldwide contacts, our eye for quality and our passion for the pure and natural, we can do more for you.
Our expertise enables you to add more flavour, colour and health benefits to your products. Are you looking for a ingredient to add a boost to your nut mix, biscuit, cheese, mueslis or juice? Or more colour? Or are you looking for products that are wholly natural, rich in antioxidants or that offer other health benefits?
Then Berrico is the right party for you. We are a b2b company that is driven by quality.
Berrico specialises in berries, seeds and unusual varieties of fruits and vegetables. We supply our products dried and as juice, juice concentrate, puree, frozen and powdered, to professional parties, for further processing and packaging.

Berrico Food Company products:

• IQF Frozen Fruit
• IQF Frozen Vegetables


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8203 AG Lelystad
The Netherlands

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