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A family favourite since 1946 when the first frozen peas were produced, Birds Eye is the leading frozen food brand in the UK and is synonymous with high quality, great tasting food. Birds Eye has been providing healthy, natural, freshly frozen food for generations. It is committed to bringing consumers quality food that can be enjoyed at every meal, every day, by everybody. Birds Eye UK is owned by Nomad Foods Europe.

The Birds Eye frozen food products are sold in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

About Nomad Foods
Nomad Foods Europe is a market leading frozen food company with a rich heritage and iconic brands which have stood the test of time. As a leading packaged foods company they aim to build a global portfolio of best-in-class food companies and brands within the frozen category and across the broader food sector.

Nomad Foods Brands
Nomad Foods owns several market leading brands. The brands manufacturing frozen food products are:
Birds Eye, United Kingdom and Ireland, and is the leading frozen food brand in the UK.
Iglo, France, Greece, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Iglo is the largest and best-known frozen food brand in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Portugal.
Findus, Sweden, France, Spain, Finland and Norway. Founded as Skånska Fruktvin Likörfabriken in Sweden in 1903. The company was renamed Findus In 1941 and began producing frozen food products in 1945. Findus began exporting frozen food to other European countries in the late 1950s.
Findus Italy, Findus has been synonymous with quality frozen food including the signature dishes of Italian cuisine such as risottos and pasta.
Lutosa, the Lutosa brand is number 1 in Belgium, offering a wide range of fries and frozen potato specialties.
La Cocinera, Spain, traditional Spanish products, La Cocinera is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the Spanish frozen food aisle.

The above brands are synonymous with frozen food and offer consumers great tasting, easy-to-prepare food that is nutritious and good value.

Nomad Foods Headquarters and facilities
Headquartered in the UK, Nomad employs 3800 people in 17 countries, with 9 factories. Which gives them the scale, the talent and the opportunities to achieve their ambitions.

Birds Eye Products:
• Fish products, Fish fingers, Fish Burgers, Battered and Breaded Fish
• Fresh Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Broccoli, Spinach, Peas, Vegetable Mix
• Chicken, Battered and Breaded, Chicken Nuggets
• Potato Waffles
• Ready Meals, Pasta
• Burgers
• Pastries and Pies
• Wholegrain Fish & Chicken
• Desserts

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