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About Bowlander Ltd

IQF Frozen Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs. Set up in 1990 by M.D. Carole Jones. Bowlander has built a long list of happy customers by offering consistently high quality products, personal service, high technical standards and innovative launches.
For almost 30 years Bowlander has been one of the UK’s most innovative and customer focussed natural ingredients suppliers to UK and Irish Food Manufacturers. From the original range of IQF Ready to use Chopped Herbs, Spices, Vegetables and Citrus Ingredients, to their bespoke concentrated Spice Pastes, Steeps, Glazes, Chutneys and flavoured IQF Butter or Soft Cheese Portions, Single Sachet sauces, Dressings & Drizzles – They aim to offer the recipe ideas you want and the service you need to serve your own customers.

Bowlander Ltd Products

• IQF Frozen Vegetables, Individually Quick Frozen Vegetables in 10kg cartons. IQF, Free Flow, BRC Grade.
UK stock year round on most lines. Normally supplied in 10kg cartons.
• IQF Grill Roasted Vegetables
• IQF Frozen Herbs, Fresh Frozen Chopped IQF Herbs are packed into 10kg units and are in the main available from U.K. stock.
• IQF Frozen Fruit, Ready peeled and Chopped or Sliced, whole fruits in 10kg packs.
• Frozen Citrus Ingredients
• IQF UK Grown Herbs and Spices
• Seafood – fresh chilled and frozen fillets/ meals and cured lines


Bowlander Limited, Mill House, Long Buildings,
Sawley, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Telephone: +44 (0) 1200 449 833