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About Burris Logistics

3PL Logistics Provider and Cold Storage. Established in 1925, and celebrating a 90-year milestone, Burris Logistics operates an expanding network of temperature controlled warehousing and distribution centers from Florida to Massachusetts. This fifth-generation, family-owned enterprise provides leading edge logistics, transportation, and supply chain solutions coast to coast through four distinct operating divisions: Burris Custom Retail Distribution, Burris PRW Plus (Public Refrigerated Warehousing), Burris Transportation and Honor Foods (a redistributor of frozen, refrigerated and dry food service products).

Temperature Controlled Storage

Burris Logistics is an industry leader in cold storage solutions with dedicated public refrigerated warehouse (PRW) facilities spanning the East Coast. The company has a powerful network of warehouses, trucks and assets offering numerous cold chain and 3PL solutions.

Burris Logistics Jacksonville Warehouse Services

• Refrigerated, Frozen, Temperature-controlled storage
• Freezer storage at 0° F or colder
• Ice cream temperatures at -15° to -20° F
• Cooler temperatures at 28° degrees to 55° F
• Room freezing and chilling: in-room core temperature reduction based on customer and/or product storage specifications
• Product tempering: increasing core product temperature to customer specifications
• Full pallet and/or individual case selection as specified
• Order assembly
• Pallet kitting and/or modding
• Cross docking
• Customer order tracking
• Inventory management
• Inbound history, Outbound history
• Warehouse Management System (WMS)
• Online report management
• Container loading and unloading
• Documentation
• Labeling and stamping
• Trans loading
• Refrigerated Space: 196,979 sq. ft. / 7,650,158 cu. ft.
• 28 Docks Doors
• Refrigerated Dock Space: 41,884 sq. ft. / 1,549,016 cu. ft.
• 4 Refrigerated Rooms
• Blast Freezing
• Seasonal Inventory Activity (-20 to +40 degrees)


4501 Dignan St.
Jacksonville, FL 32254,

Telephone: +1 (904) 265 5990
Fax: +1 (904) 389 2199

Website: www.burrislogistics.com