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About Carlsen Baltic

Carlsen Baltic is a market leading manufacturer of lightweight refrigerated truck bodies for frozen, chilled and multi-temperature food distribution. High quality lightweight bodies and the latest advice on how to optimize your business operations. The company will supply you with the refrigerated body that best matches your company’s needs.

History of Carlsen Baltic stretches back to year 1885. Experience, constant development and production flexibility allows the company to remain among industry leaders. Since 2005, the main activity of the company has been moved to subsidiary Carlsen Baltic in Kaunas, Lithuania, modern facilities in a total surface area of more than 6,000 m². They are one of the Europe’s biggest producers of lightweight isothermal bodies for frozen food deliveries. Clients can be sure of the highest quality as the models have been tested by more than 5,000 drivers in Europe and all over the world.

Carlsen Baltic Products & Services

• Single temperature bodies, designed to deliver a relatively narrow range of goods ideal for ice cream or frozen food distribution.
• Multi-temperature bodies, designed for combined delivery systems with a great variety of goods (fresh and frozen products, ice cream, dairy products, beverages, etc.). The multi-temperature bodies are ideal for product distribution or grocery home delivery as they have a combination of separate compartments with different inside temperatures: chilled compartment with a +2 to +7 °C temperature, freeze compartment with a -35 to -18 °C temperature inside, and ambient temperature compartment.


Veiveriu str. 150,
LT-46391, Kaunas,

Telephone: +370 37 407 343