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Cold Storage Latvia

Cold storage, warehouses, temperature controlled storage facilities and logistics Latvia. Storage for frozen and refrigerated food products. Specialists in tempering, quick-freezing, blast freezing, chilled and frozen storage.

Logo RCT ColdstoreRCT Coldstore

Overview: Modernly equipped class A storage-refrigerator with technological, auxiliary and office premises. Warehouse area: 12.000 square meters. Services: Loading/unloading from/to vessels, containers, railways and trucks. Cross-docking, marking, labeling, quality control, order picking and other services.

The terminal is comprised of seven refrigerating chambers. Frozen products are transported to refrigerators at a temperature reaching as low as -18°C (meat, fish, other deep frozen foods). Depending on the stored product types, the temperature -18°C to -30°C is maintained in the chambers.

Sarkanmuižas dambis 25D
Ventspils LV-3601

Tel.: +370 620 73453

E-mail: info@sirin.eu
Website: www.coldstore.lv

Baltic Cold Terminal Ltd.

Overview: provides the services of primary processing, freezing, storage and further logistics of frozen food.

Upes street 56
Zvejniekciems, Saulkrastu novads,

Tel.: +371 265 83 484

Website: www.coldterminal.lv

Logo VollersSIA Vollers Riga

Overview: storage of deep-frozen products.

”Lindes”, Salaspils novads
LV – 2118

Tel.: + 371 67 95 66 05
Fax: + 371 67 95 71 25

E-mail: riga@vollers.com
Website: www.vollers.com