Cold Storage Portugal

Cold Storage Portugal

Cold storage, cold chain logistics, warehouses, temperature controlled storage facilities and logistics Portugal. Storage for frozen and refrigerated food products. Specialists in tempering, quick-freezing, blast freezing, chilled and frozen storage.

Logo AGRO Merchants GroupAGRO Merchants Group

Overview: AGRO Merchants Group was founded in January 2013 and currently owns and operates over 6.7 million cubic meters of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in the U.S, UK, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Chile and the Netherlands. State of the art facilities provide accurate temperature control and cold chain management integrity for all major food commodities including beef, pork, poultry, seafood, bakery products, fruits and vegetables.

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FRIGOMATO – Logística do Frio

Overview: Cold Land SGPS SA is the parent company of three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely FRISSUL – Entrepostos Frigoríficos, S.A., FRISSUL – Transportes Frigoríficos, Unipessoal, Lda. and FRIGOMATO– Frigoríficos de Matosinhos, S.A.. These companies provide all the logistics services necessary for the supply of frozen and refrigerated food products. The combined storage capacity of FRISSUL and FRIGOMATO totals 273,300m3, equivalent to 51,500 pallets, making them two of the key players in this sector in the Iberian Peninsula. They are recognised for the high levels of temperature-control quality offered by their cold storage rooms, essential for the proper preservation of chilled products.

Frigomato – Frigoríficos de Matosinhos, S.A.
Edifício Frigomato,
Zona Industrial de Aveleda, Rua 25 de Abril
4485-010 Vila do Conde

Tel.: +351 229 991 160
Fax: +351 229 991 166