Cold Storage Spain

Cold Storage Spain / Almacenaje en Frío España

Cold storage, warehouses, temperature controlled storage facilities and logistics Spain. Storage for frozen and refrigerated food products. Specialists in tempering, quick-freezing, blast freezing, chilled and frozen storage.
Almacenaje y distribución de mercancía refrigerada entre 0ºC y -30ºC) en cámaras frigoríficas. Servicios frigoríficos, Crossdocking, Picking, Descarga y Clasificación de Contenedores, Etiquetado y cambio de cajas, Túnel de Congelación, Sala de Escandallos.

Logo AGRO Merchants GroupAGRO Merchants Group

Overview: AGRO Merchants Group was founded in January 2013 and currently owns and operates over 6.7 million cubic meters of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in the U.S, UK, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Chile and the Netherlands. State of the art facilities provide accurate temperature control and cold chain management integrity for all major food commodities including beef, pork, poultry, seafood, bakery products, fruits and vegetables.

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Logo MontfrisaMontfrisa

Overview: one of the leading logistics operator in the frozen food sector in Spain. The company has over 60 years of experience in the temperature controlled transport business. Their main activities nowadays are storage, preparation and distribution of frozen food.

Calle Rio Guadiato, 5
28906 Getafe

Tel.: +34 916 918 590
Fax: +34 916 919 453


Logo Grupo NorfrioGrupo Norfrío

Overview: specialists in cold storage and distribution of frozen food.

Rúa Baloutas 3 Parque Empresarial A Veigadaña
36416, Mos [PO] Spain

Tel.: +34 986 101 050
Fax: +34 986 486 796