Cold Storage Warehouses Brazil

Cold Storage Warehouses Brazil

Frozen & Temperature Controlled Warehousing and Facilities, Cold Chain Logistics, Quality Storage, Handling Services, Racked Storage Rooms. Storage of Medicines and Frozen Food products in Brazil. Specialists in tempering, quick-freezing, blast freezing, room freezing, super-freezing, labeling, order / case picking, repacking, cross dock, load shift, chilled and frozen storage.

Logo Abreu E Lima Logistica LtdaAbreu E Lima Logistica Ltda.

Overview: Founded in 2006, Abreu e Lima Logística provides cold storage services to the Pernambuco and adjacent markets. The company is specialised in the preservation of goods at low temperatures. The company provides frozen, chilled and refrigerated storage services.

Av. Assedip, Abreu e Lima – PE,

Telephone: +55 (81) 3542 1957