Cold Store Clothing and Workwear Manufacturers

Contact information of Cold Store Clothing and Workwear Manufacturers, Producers of Safe and Warm Freezer Jackets, Suits, Boots, Gloves, Socks Suitable for Freezers.

Outerwear experts specializing in high quality professional cold store workwear and thermal clothing, ‎freezer jackets, trousers, suits, that protects you from the cold. Affordable, comfortable and superior quality, designed exclusively for use in coldstores and refrigerated work areas, cold store clothing and workwear to keep you warm in low temperatures. When working for extended amounts of time in a cold store or cold environments, at risk of hypothermia, it is important to ensure that all extremities are adequately covered.

Fortdress International KG

Overview: Cold Storage Workwear. We are outerwear experts specializing in garments that protect you from the cold. We make sure that all who work extremely hard can keep going. Our products always provide the real warmth. Our garments are lightweight, flexible as well as comfortable. They come with all the details that make a huge difference on the job. This makes them ideal for working effectively and efficiently under the toughest conditions.

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> Fortdress International KG, Duisburger Str. 4, 57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany