ColdREX Cold Regional Express, Bella Vista, NSW, Australia

ColdREX Cold Regional Express, Bella Vista, NSW, Australia

About ColdREX Cold Regional Express

Refrigerated transport company. ColdREX is one of the leading refrigerated transport companies in Australia. Established in 2013, ColdREX has serviced multiple states and territories in the country from New South Wales and Victoria to the Australian Capital Territories. We cover all regional delivery needs and make sure that your goods get to their destination on time. Our services are made possible by the seasoned team we have on board who have worked in the industry for many years. They operate, maintain, and manage our equipment and vehicles that are especially geared for deliveries that require excellent temperature-control.

ColdREX is your trusted partner in refrigerated logistics in Australia. Our services range from transport refrigeration services to cold storage delivery service in multiple states and territories in the country. We transport frozen, chilled, and all other kinds of temperature-controlled goods. Whether you require transport by the carton or pallet across the country, we have got you covered. For quality temperature-regulated distribution and storage service, work with one of the leading transport companies in Australia today.

We have a wide array of services that range from cold storage and interstate transport to refrigerated transport services. These services are readily available to our clients in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territories, and Victoria, but we also cater to the needs of customers across numerous states and territories in Australia. So, wherever you are in Australia, we can pick up your products and have them delivered in pristine conditions to their destination.
We have a fleet of over 65 heavy vehicles that are especially suited for the transportation of goods and products that require temperature regulation. Our operations are mainly conducted in our 10,000sqm company-owned industrial site in Central West, NSW. Aside from that, our company also boasts the following features:
Additional +65 full loads per week delivered into distribution centres.

ColdREX Cold Regional Express Services:

• Cold Storage
• Interstate transport
• Distribution
• Refrigerated transport services


14-16 Lexington Drive,
Bella Vista, NSW

Telephone: +1 800 265 373