DAF Trucks gears up for El Niño

DAF Trucks gears up for El Niño

With meteorologists predicting extreme weather this winter as a consequence of periodic warming of the Pacific Ocean, otherwise known as the El Niño effect, DAF Trucks is bolstering its DAFaid vehicle breakdown service for an anticipated increase in call-outs. The move brings into focus the company’s DAF Transport Efficiency programme and its ongoing efforts to help customers reduce their operating costs – with product enhancements and aftersales services.

Current extreme weather across parts of the UK, meteorologists say, agree with weather models and reinforces their predictions for heavy snowfall in February and March 2016.

Based on this latest meteorological data, DAF Trucks has acted swiftly in alerting its UK DAF Dealer Network to the potential challenge, while also installing eight new trained operators at its DAFaid Control Centre –The DAF Dealer Network has responded by recruiting additional service support personnel, increasing the service van fleet and furnishing all its call-out vehicles with essential winter equipment.

DAFaid is regarded by the industry as the benchmark roadside assistance service, thanks in no small part to planning and forecasting at the dealer level. By engaging with customers and analysing patterns of previous service support, the right parts are very often on-board the service van in anticipation of the potential fault, thus expediting a successful roadside repair. DAF Telematics also helps pinpoint the stranded vehicle and can assist the Technician with fault diagnosis.

With the Pacific Ocean 0.5 ° higher than the norm in September this year, meteorologists calculate a further sea temperature increase which may lead to heavy snowfall across the UK, especially in February and March, when the ‘worst’ winter in 50 years could become a distinct possibility.

“Gearing-up for winter is nothing new for DAF Trucks,” said Ian Vowles, Fleet Services Manager at DAF Trucks, “winter-time always sees a spike in call-outs. This winter, however, we have conclusive evidence to indicate that an abnormally high level of precipitation is likely in the New Year.

He went on, “Our recent aftersales conference gave me the opportunity to share with the network some of this evidence and to introduce a plan of action – at the same time underscoring our DAF Transport Efficiency programme and our commitment to lowering customers’ running costs.

“We all know how fickle the weather can be,” he added, “but we’d rather be prepared for our customers than not. If the scientists are right, we’re in for a hard winter and DAF Trucks is going to be ready”.

Most vehicle breakdowns during winter involve batteries, suzies, frozen brakes and fuel-related issues. DAF Trucks continues to advise its customers to prepare accordingly for inclement weather, “A quick vehicle check at your local DAF Dealer,” said Ian Vowles,” could greatly reduce the need for a call-out.”

Source: DAF Trucks

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