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About Davis Food Ingredients

Food broker, frozen food ingredient business. Davis is a 100% New Zealand owned company and able to compete successfully with our mostly foreign owned competitors. We have been serving the NZ Food Industry for over thirty years, and our role is to provide you with the service you need. When you buy from us you know our jobs are New Zealand jobs and our tax is paid in New Zealand. At start-up we had a tiny warehouse at the back of a Milk Processor. Today we have 11 warehouses strategically placed to enable us to provide the best service possible. Our staff numbers are over 70 times those of our early days and our sales now exceed $300m. There remains a commitment to a long term view and we will continue to invest in our people and logistics infrastructure.

Our vision remains to continuously grow the company by earning customer trust to be the supplier of choice. We will do this ethically, with no enticements that our customer’s owners are not fully aware of. We will strive to give our customers competitive high quality, safe food ingredients.

Davis Food Ingredients products:

• Ice Cream (Bulk, retail, specialty)
• IQF Frozen Fruit (Avocado, Blackberries, Boysenberries, Banana leaves, Bitter Melon, Durian, Lotus root, Mango, Raspberries, Strawberries, Rambutan, Raspberries, Acai berries, Banana, Jackfruit, Lemon, Longan, Papaya, Passionfruit, Pineapple)
• Frozen Herbs (Basil, Chives, Galanga, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Mint, Parsley, Spring Onions, Turmeric)
• Frozen Vegetables (Cherry tomatoes, Edamame Beans, Rhubarb, Cassava, Celery, Chili Pepper, Green Beans, Broad beans, Broccoli, Carrot, Corn, Cauliflower, Courgettes, Garlic, Kumara, Leeks, Okra, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Green Peas, Onion, Asparagus, Spinach, Seaweed, Sweet Potato, Taro, Pumpkin, Pandan Leaf, Soya Beans, Yam)
• Frozen Fish & Seafood (Basa, Kipper, Mackerel, Salmon, Southern Blue Whiting, Hoki, Smooth Oreo Dory, Gurnard, Mussel, Prawn, Scallop, Crabs, Clams, Oysters, Shrimp, Squid, Octopus)
• Frozen Meat & Poultry (Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork)
• Frozen Mushrooms


91 Carbine Road, Mt Wellington South,
Auckland 1060,
New Zealand

Telephone: +64 9 574 2250

E-mail: sales@davis.co.nz
Website: www.davis.nz