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Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1952 by Mr. WB de Jong, when he opened a cheese wholesale business. A few years later the company moved to Rotterdam and the product range was extended with the famous California Okay soups and ice cream. and other frozen products.

De Jong Diepvries began delivering frozen products to retirement homes, hospitals and other institutions. Due to increasing demand from customers, the product range was continually expanding. This resulted in a move to  a larger capacity in Bergschenhoek.

De Jong Diepvries BV is an independent wholesaler of frozen and chilled products. From the logistics center in Bergschenhoek, De Jong Diepvries provides daily deliveries in the West of the Netherlands. Among the customers are institutions, shipping and company restaurants. Besides standard frozen products from all major brands, De Jong also supplies chilled desserts, cheese, meats and sauces.

De Jong Diepvries BV is a member of Digross.

De Jong Diepvries
De Jong Diepvries

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