De Jong’s IJs, Skipmakker 2, 8401 JG Gorredijk, The Netherlands

De Jong’s IJs, Skipmakker 2, 8401 JG Gorredijk, The Netherlands

About De Jong’s IJs

Ice Cream Manufacturer. Holland’s most sustainable small ice-cream factory. Specialized in co-packing of ice-cream pots and pints. We produce ice-cream for niche markets such as; Organic, Vegan, Fair Trade or Low calorie. We’re here since 1947. We grew big on renting out our famous ice-cream carts. You can rent them for a party including our delicious ice-cream. From 250 scoops until 25.000. No job is too big. We have nearly 50 ice-cream carts, bicycles or foodtrucks. Our ice cream factory is good with producing and co-packing complex and sustainable ice-cream. With over 70 years (and 3 generations) of experience we’re up to any ice-cream factory challenge. We have more than 200 recipes that we make so we can probably also produce delicious ice cream for you.

We also produce large tubs of ice-cream for ice-cream parlors, shops, shop in shops and retail chains. We are proud to have several large retail and supermarket chains for who we produce ice-cream brands. A recognition of our more than 70 years of experience in ice-cream production with 3 generations. We are strong in our Research and development department and can switch very quickly to invent new ice-cream flavors and new concepts and launch them with our partners. Such as retailers, store chains and brand owners.

De Jong’s IJs Products:

• Retail and Private Label Ice Cream


Skipmakker 2,
8401 JG Gorredijk,
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 854 013 614