DIEPVRIES is a group of three business enterprises with a total deepfreeze storage capacity of 150,000 m3. The three sites are situated halfway Rotterdam and the Ruhr-area along the A12/A18 on easily accessible locations.

Apart from the storage and transfer of deepfrozen goods there are possibilities for the deepfreezing of almost any product. DIEPVRIES also has at its disposal many possibilities for the processing and handling of deepfrozen products, particularly in the field of vegetables and fruits. Because of their many years’ assessement in vegetables and fruits they are able to supply extensive quality reports on receipt.


– Doetinchem
– Bergh
– Zevenaar

Diepvries expertises in frozen storage and processing fruit and vegetables.

Diepvries Doetinchem has a number of specialities in the area of storing and processing frozen products. These include:

– Storage and transfer
Order picking
Tracking / Tracing
Customs warehouse
Biological products also for North America
Quality reports

– Processing
Calibrating, sifting, sorting
Metal detection
Visual and mechanical inspection
De-stalking and cleaning all sorts of berries

One of Diepvries Doetinchem’s strongest points is packing and repacking products. Diepvries Doetinchem is fairly unique in this area. Diepvries takes care to manually repack products. This also applies to transferring containers to pallets. Diepvries also takes care of small packaging in bags and boxes of fruit, vegetables and meat products.

Diepvries Doetinchem B.V.
Houtmolenstraat 20-24
7008 AR Doetinchem

Tel.: +31 (0) 314 376080
Fax: +31 (0) 314 335616

E-mail: info@diepvries.com
Website: www.diepvries.com