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About Farinex

Frozen Bakery Products. Farinex is a distributor, high-end brand promoter and importer of ingredients for bakeries, pastry shops, chocolate and ice cream makers, caterers and restaurants.
Farinex distribute his products in Greater Montreal and across Quebec, and are also resold by other distributors in order to better meet demand.
Farinex offers a broad range of products and formats in various categories, exclusive ranges and flavors from all around the world.

Farinex Frozen Products

• Flaky Pastry Dough / Filo / Brick
• Frozen Breads
• Frozen Butter Cream
• Frozen Cake And Bread
• Frozen Cakes
• Frozen Cookie To Bake
• Frozen Muffins Paste
• Frozen Pie And Pizza Dough
• Frozen Sponge Cake
• Glacier
• Ready To Bake Farinex Pastries


3780 rue La Vérendrye
Boisbriand, Québec, Canada
J7H 1R5

Telephone: +1 450 437 7077
Fax: +1 450 437 7110

E-mail: info@farinex.ca
Website: www.farinex.ca