EGCT Frozen, 600 El Horreya Road- Zizinia, Alexandria, Egypt

EGCT Frozen, 600 El Horreya Road- Zizinia, Alexandria, Egypt

About EGCT Frozen

a leading supplier and exporter for all kinds of frozen vegetables and fruits from Egypt to worldwide. We are assigning expertise in the line of frozen vegetables and fruits that are strictly selected after careful inspection in order to give our clients the competitive edge necessary to become unique in their market.

EGCT is considered one of the biggest companies of frozen ( fruits and vegetables ) in Egypt that exports its products all over the world ; we offer a wide range of IQF products . we have the latest machinery from Spain, and regarding the quality we do careful selection of our products that they are collected and frozen immediately after picking to preserve the flavor and nutritive value to allow you to be competitive in your own market.

EGCT Frozen Products

There are two types of packaging – 10 kg impersonal only with informational sticker and 400 gr packaging under our “ FRIO ” logo.

• IQF Frozen Vegetables (artichoke, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, colocasia, green beans, mixed vegetables, molokhia, green peas, okra, spinach, sweet corn, zuchini, sweet potato).
• IQF Frozen Fruit (strawberry, mango, pomegranate).


600 Abou Quer
San Stifano
Qism El-Raml
Alexandria Governorate

Telephone: + (203)5844345/6/7
Fax: + (203)5844348