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About Enkco

Enkco foodgroup is a meat-processing company based in Holten, The Netherlands. It supplies products, chilled and frozen meat and meat replacement products, to supermarkets, butchers, wholesalers, institutions, restaurants and caterers.

Enkco delivers to virtually any sales channel in the Netherlands and beyond. Their main markets include:
• Retail: Supermarket organisations and butchery wholesalers
• Foodservice: Institutions, caterers, hotel/ restaurants and home delivery services
• Exports & Industry: Meal manufacturers and other suppliers and Europe

The products are frozen with a special gyro-freezer immediately after production. This allows the structure to remain intact without any loss of quality. This means that the quality is comparable to chilled. The main difference is the longer shelf life. Frozen products find their way predominantly to food service companies as they are frozen loosely. This makes for correct and quick portions as required.

Enkco Brands

Enkco markets its products both unbranded, under one of its own brands, or under private labels. If required, Enkco is also able to develop a complete concept within your house brand. Ask our sales advisors about the wide range of options.
• Private label
• Enkco Butcher’s Quality
• Vivera
• Any Moment
• Enkco
• Boltjes
• Enkco Egg

Enkco Products

The frozen products are pre-cooked and uncooked meat products, including egg products.
• Chicken, pork, beef, meat balls, schnitzels, hamburgers, soup balls, sausages, steaks, omelets.


Waagweg 5
7451 AZ Holten
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)548 373737
Fax: +31(0)548 373635

E-mail: info@enkco.com
Website: www.enkco.com