Food Freezing Systems and Chilling Equipment Manufacturers

Food Freezing Systems and Chilling Equipment Manufacturers

Information about companies manufacturing freezing systems, cold store equipment, IQF spiral freezers, tunnel freezers and equipment such as modular food freezers and other chilling, cooling, frosting and proofing equipment being supplied to food processing companies worldwide.

Logo Advanced Cooling Freezing SystemsAdvanced Cooling & Freezing Systems / The Netherlands

Advanced Cooling & Freezing Systems supplies cooling and freezing equipment to the global food manufacturing industry. It has been committed to continuous innovation, and is widely recognised as being at the forefront of chilling, freezing and hygiene technology.

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Logo Advanced Equipment IncAdvanced Equipment Inc. / Canada

Advanced Equipment Inc. designs and manufactures Low Temperature Mechanical Refrigeration IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) freezing systems (IQF Spiral freezers, Tunnel freezers) for fast freezing various food products such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, red meat, bakery, and special prepared foods in food processing plants.

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Logo Heinen GmbHHeinen Freezing GmbH & Co. KG / Germany

Heinen produces industrial machines and equipment for continuous pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing of food.

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Logo Industrial Refrigeration PvtIndustrial Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. / India

Production of Ice Making Machines, Freezing Plants, Freezers, Chillers and Cold Storages.

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Logo Minus18 Weuthen Engineering GmbHMinus18, Weuthen Engineering GmbH / Germany

Weuthen Engineering specializes in the engineering and production of food machines. Their main focus is equipment for cooling, freezing, proofing, cooking and pasteurizing. The company has over 30 years of experience.

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Logo SinroFreeze NantongNantong Sinrofreeze Equipment Co., Ltd. / China

Nantong SinroFreeze is a company engaged in designing, manufacturing, maintaining and assembling of food freezing equipment, ice making equipment and complete sets of refrigeration units.

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Nantong Worldbase Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd. / China

Manufacturer of Plate Freezers, IQF Spiral Freezers, IQF Tunnel Freezers and other refrigeration systems.

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Logo OctoFrostOctoFrost Group, Malmö, Sweden

The OctoFrost Group is a leading company within individual quick freezing, IQF. With a range of innovative IQF freezers, they support the global food industry with cost-efficient and high quality solutions, for perfectly fresh-frozen products.

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Logo Starfrost LtdStarfrost Ltd. / United Kingdom

Starfrost is a global market leader in innovative and industrial freezing and chilling systems. Starfrost UK headquarters and manufacturing facility is based in Lowestoft, Suffolk. In addition, Starfrost has sales offices and agents across the globe.

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Logo UniFreezing BVUnifreezing BV / The Netherlands

Unifreezing BV supplies cooling and freezing equipment to the global food manufacturing industry.

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