Food Logistics Company Spedition Sturm Relies On Krone Cool Liner

in order to be able to deliver the goods safely and freshly to the customer, the freight forwarder Sturm – german translation of storm – relies on the cool liner from krone.

The chassis, construction and equipment of the Cool Liner are stable and well designed. In addition, many useful details such as the flexible air duct, the liquid-tight floor pan or the high-quality stainless steel rear closures were developed together with customers. The result: a versatile and robust solution for transporting food and pharmaceutical products. 

One customer from the temperature-controlled transport sector who also relies on the refrigerated trailers is the internationally active food logistics company Sturm. Five Cool Liner Duoplex Steel Cool Liners in double-deck design are currently in use – the acquisition of further Krone refrigerated trailers is being planned. Michael Beyer (forwarding and fleet management) and Michael Sturm (workshop management) explained the numerous advantages of the innovative Krone vehicles. For six years now, Krone Regional Sales Manager Claus Peter Hütten has been supporting Spedition Sturm in all aspects of Krone trailers. Particularly positive for Beyer and Sturm: the close and successful cooperation at eye level. For Beyer, in addition to the quality of the refrigerated boxes, it is above all the good spare parts supply that is an outstanding service and the fast and unbureaucratic problem handling that characterise the partnership with Krone. “And if something doesn’t fit, then I simply speak openly with Krone. Then we can quickly find a solution together”, adds Michael Sturm. All maintenance, service and repair work as well as all legally required inspections of the trailers are carried out in the in-house – Krone certified – Sturm workshop in Kaarst, if necessary. This saves time and costs. 

Innovative Transport Solution

The Krone Cool Liners from Sturm all have a high level of equipment. This means: All vehicles were built in double-decker design as well as with pallet boxes that provide space for 36 Euro pallets. The weight-optimised aluminium rims on all refrigerated trailers also reduce the tare weight of the trailers and thus ensure an even higher payload. A further plus point: the continuous chassis. It is designed so that the tractive forces are transferred to the frame. This protects the box body during coupling and uncoupling. Also when docking to the ramp, the incoming forces are absorbed by the chassis. The diagonal bracing of the rear end transfers the forces into the longitudinal beams of the chassis and thus protects the box from compression. The smooth exterior skin of the trailer does not require any additional connecting elements and is therefore ideal for labelling. It is also easy to clean and can be repaired quickly and easily if necessary. Underride guard and lighting supports complete the vehicle. They are mounted in a protected position and can be replaced. The position lights are also protected in the rear portal. Robust impact protection elements protect the rear when docking.

Safe And Flexible

Transport companies can obtain cooling units and temperature recorders from all leading manufacturers on request. An optional LED fuel gauge provides information about the fuel level of the cooling unit. Galvanized tubular steel brackets are standard equipment to protect the sensitive cooling technology. Optionally available: ventilation flaps in front and rear wall. By using the ATP-certified Krone TR temperature recorder via telematics, the conventional temperature recorder on the front wall of the trailer becomes redundant. Carriers and dispatchers are able to send temperature records to their customers as PDF files via the Krone Telematics Portal – before the cargo arrives at the customer’s premises. This also avoids unnecessary waiting times for the driver, since the document can already be checked before arrival. Krone Telematics together with the Krone temperature recorder thus serve as a multifunctional device. In addition to the familiar telematics data, the temperature data is also recorded and transmitted – and that saves time and money.

Source: Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone Gmbh & Co. Kg

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