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Contact information of processors, suppliers, specialists, importers, exporters, traders, agents, buyers, wholesalers, companies, manufacturers, fisheries, brands and distributors of (IQF – Individually Quick Frozen and Block Frozen), MSC Certified, B2B, Frozen Fish and Frozen Seafood Products in Chile.

Supply of the following frozen fish, freshwater fish, cephalopods, shellfish (molluscs, crustaceans), roe and seafood: Atlantic Salmon, Coho Salmon, Sea Trout, Tilapia, Antarctic Whiting, Silverside / Smelt, Croaker, Hake, Monkfish, Snook, Southern Hake, Swordfish, Anchovy, Golden Kingclip, Black Pomfret, Clams, Octopus, Giant Squid, Mussels, Pacific Oyster, Concholepas, Limpets, King Crab, Snow Crab, Stone Crab, Barnacle, Sea Urchin, Swimming Crab, Cuttlefish.


Overview: IQF Frozen Fish. AquaChile is a company that was born 30 years ago in the south of Chile. The company is the product of different mergers and associations that have marked our character as an open company and willing to make alliances. In 2019 there was a new great integration between AquaChile, Los Fiordos, Salmones Magallanes and Friosur. With this merger, we became the national leader and the second largest producer of salmon in the world. We are a salmon company that feeds more than 150 million people around the world in a rich and healthy way.

Company Details and Contact Information
> AquaChile, Cardonal S/N, lote B ,P.O BOX 30D, Puerto Montt

CMR Seafood

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish & Seafood. We are traders who work with first line seafood processors, which allow us to assure our clients they will receive exactly the product they need, always complying with the highest standards of demand and quality. Our experience in this market gives us the necessary mobility to work with producers, throughout Chile and also of neighboring countries.

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> CMR Seafood, Puerto Montt, Chile

Pacific Sea

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish & Seafood. Deep-Frozen Sea Product Exports and Production throughout the World. We are a Chilean company with wide experience in the sector dedicated to exporting and preparing deep-frozen sea products, delivering them anywhere in the world.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Pacific Sea, Concepción 120 Oficina 601, Puerto Montt