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Supply of the following frozen fish, freshwater fish, cephalopods, shellfish (molluscs, crustaceans), roe and seafood: Puti, Long-whiskered Catfish / Ayer, Wallago Attu / Boal, Olive Barb, Barramundi, Bronze Featherback, Snakehead Murrel, White Pomfret, Anchovy, Golden Anchovy, Bagha Ayer, Gang Ayer, Ayer, Basa, Baila Fish, Bata, Batashi, Buzuri Fish, Carfu, Spotted Raphael Catfish, Catfish, Chapila, Chiring, Chitala Chitala, Common Bigeye, Common Ponyfish, Conger Eel, Blackspotted Croaker, Tiger Tooth Croaker, White Croaker, Dorab Wolf-Herring, Blackspot Emperor, Longnose Emperor, Ornate Emperor, Pink Ear Emperor, Fourfinger Threadfin, Gourami, Gozar, Grass Carp, Areolate Grouper, Malabar Grouper, Grouper, Gulsha, Gutum, Hilsa, Horina , Toli Shad, Japanese Threadfin Bream, Kaika, Kajoli, Kakila, Orangefin labeo, Catla, Keski, King Mackerel, Koi, Sea Koi, Koral Fish, Datina Koral, Lakka, Lizard Fish, Long Baim, Horse Mackerel, Indian Mackerel, Island Mackerel, Pacific Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Magur – Walking Catfish, Moila, Sea Moila, Moontail Bullseye, Mrigal Carp, Oxeye Scad, Pabda, Pacu, Pangasius, Poa, Black Pomfret, Silver Pomfret, Terapon Puta, Silver Barb Fish, Queenfish, Pink Perch, Ribbon Fish, Salween Rita, Rohu, Sardine, Shing, Shoil, Shrimp Scad, Silver Grunter, Silver Sallago, Golden Snapper, Star Baim, Taposhi, Tengra, Indian Threadfin, Japanese Tilapia, Tilapia, Longnose Trevally, Torpedo Scad, Tuna, Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Yellow Striped Goatfish, Cuttlefish, Black Tiger Shrimp, Oyster, Freshwater Prawn, Lobster, White Shrimp, Blue Swimmer Crab, Red Spotted Swimming Crab, Baby Octopus, Venerid Clams.

May Yu Marine Products Co. Ltd.

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish & Seafood. Global export of Marine Products. The processing plant is capable of processing “100 MT per day” and storing 4,000 MT of Marine Products.

Company Details and Contact Information
> May Yu Marine Products Co. Ltd., South Dagon Township 11431, Yangon

Mega Marine Frozen Seafood Co. Ltd.

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish Processor and Exporter. With an extensive touch by ourselves, we fulfill the needs of our consumers by receiving the raw products and processing as per their market demands. The products are handled carefully throughout and packed in accordance to the GMP, SFDA, USFDA, HACCP and EU standards for them to be stand out loud in the marketplace. We also engage in establishment of our brands “Glacier” and “Mega Marine” in the market where brands engage in eye-catching environment.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Mega Marine Frozen Seafood Co. Ltd., Seikkantha Street, Industrial Zone 4, Yangon 11401