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Contact information of processors, suppliers, specialists, importers, exporters, traders, agents, buyers, wholesalers, companies, manufacturers, fisheries, brands and distributors of (IQF – Individually Quick Frozen and Block Frozen), MSC Certified, B2B, Frozen Fish and Frozen Seafood Products in Spain.

Supply of the following frozen fish, freshwater fish, shellfish (molluscs, crustaceans), roe and seafood: Alaska Pollock, Anchovy, Argentinian Hake, Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Mackerel, Atka Mackerel, Bogue, Bluefin Tuna, Bluenose Warehou, Bigeye Tuna, Blue Shark, Brotola, Chub Mackerel, Cod, Corvina, Denton, Emperor Fish, European Sea Bass, Greenland Halibut, Grenadier, Hake, Halibut, Hoki, Horse Mackerel, John Dory, King Klip, Marbled Rockcod, Mediterranean Scaldfish, Monkfish, Namibian Hake, Nototenia, Pacific Sardine, Pacific Herring, Pollock, Perch, Red Mullet, Redfish, Renkodai, Salema Porgy, Salmon, Sardine, Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Senegalese Hake, Shortfin Mako Shark, Skate Wings, Sole, Southern Blue-whiting, Swordfish, Talisman, Threadfin Hakeling, Tilapia, Transparent Goby – Chanquete, Tuna, Whiting, Yellowfin Tuna | Crustaceans: | Crab, Crayfish, Lobster, Red Lobster, Scampi, Shrimp, Tiger prawns | Cephalopods: | Cuttlefish, Commander / Magister Squid, Giant Squid, Squid, Octopus, Patagonian Squid | Molluscs: | Clam, Mussels, Scallops

Abordo Central de Compras S.L.

Overview: At Abordo Central de Compras S.L. we are specialists in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of Frozen Foods for more than 35 years. Grupo Abordo has experienced great growth and we have positioned ourselves as the leading company in the Frozen Food sector. At Abordo we work to offer you an extensive range of frozen products in vegetables, starters, fish, cephalopods, shellfish, mollusks, meats, precooked dishes, ready meals, pasta, pizzas, ice cream and desserts.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Abordo Central de Compras S.L., Carr. Benetússer, 64, 46200 Paiporta, Valencia


Overview: IQF Frozen Fish and Seafood. Export of frozen fish & seafood, by containers, to Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. We are a group of companies dedicated to fishing, processing and commercialization of frozen fish & seafood. Our main activities are export of Frozen Fish & Fish Processing for Horeca / Food Service.

Company Details and Contact Information
> DUCAMAR SPAIN S.L.U., C/Heros 16-1Iz, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia

Opulent Ocean S.L.

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish Processing. Opulent Ocean was established in 2013 to grow premium quality sea bass in the clean and environmentally friendly waters off the coast of Gran Canaria, Spain. Our Headquarters and processing facilities are located 20 minutes from Las Palmas. Our range of products currently includes fresh and frozen whole and filleted sea bass as well as smoked and preserved in olive oil sea bass.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Opulent Ocean S.L., Calle las Mimosas, 5A, 35118 Agüimes, Las Palmas

Logo SelpromarSELPROMAR, Congelados La Red 2000, S.L.

Overview: Frozen Fish & Seafood Supplier & Processor. The company specializes in the production and packaging of frozen fish from different seas under the brand name Selpromar.

Company Details and Contact Information
> SELPROMAR, Congelados La Red 2000, S.L., Alcalá de Guadaira