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On this page you can select the fish or country where you’ll find a list and contact information of processors, suppliers, manufacturers, specialists, importers, exporters, sales agencies, traders, wholesalers, brands and distributors of IQF Frozen Fish and Frozen Seafood Products.

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Alligator American Plaice Alaska Pollock Albacore Tuna Anchovy
Anglerfish Arctic Char Atlantic Catfish Atlantic Cod Atlantic Croaker
Atlantic Halibut Atlantic Herring Atlantic Mackerel Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Sole
Barracuda Bass Black Cod Black Marlin Black Pomfret
Black Sea Bass Black Tilapia Bluefish Blue Cod Blue Ling
Blue Warehou Bluenose Bonito Brill Butterfish
Capelin Catla Chooperai Chum Salmon Cod
Coho Salmon Common Ling Crimson Snapper Cusk Dab
Deepwater Redfish Dogfish Dorade Royale Dover Sole Dusky Smooth-hound
Dutch Smelt Eel Emperor Fish Escolar European Bass
Flathead Flounder Flathead Sole Flounder Forkbeard Frigate Tuna
Giant Trevally Gilt-head Bream Golden Pomfret Golden Redfish Grouper
Greenland Halibut Gurnard Haddock Hake Halibut
Herring Hilsa Hoki Horsmackerel Indian Mackerel
Jack Mackerel John Dory King Mackerel King Salmon Kingfish
Lane Snapper Lemon Sole Lingcod Lizardfish Lumpsucker
Mackerel Mackerel Scad Mahi Mahi Marlin Megrim
Menhaden Milkfish Monkfish Moonfish Mullet
Needlefish New Zealand Sand Flounder Nile Perch Northern Red Snapper Orange Roughy
Oreo Dory Pacific Cod Pacific Ladyfish Pacific Rockfish Pacific Saury
Pacific Whiting Pangasius Perch Pike Perch Pink Salmon
Plaice Pollock Pomfret Ponyfish Rabbitfish
Rainbow Trout Red Grouper Redfish Red Mullet Red Seabream
Red Tilapia Ribbonfish Rock Gunnel Rock Sole Rohu
Rose Fish Sablefish Saithe Salmon Sand Smelt
Sardines Scorpionfish Sea Bass Sea Bream Shark
Silver Smelt Silver Pomfret Skate Skipjack Tuna Smelt
Sockeye Salmon Sole Spanish Mackerel Spotted Wolffish Sprat
Striped Large-eye Bream Sturgeon Summer Flounder Swai Swordfish
Tarakihi Tench Tilapia Trout Tuna
Turbot Tusk Wahoo Weakfish White Bream
White Warehou Whitebait Whiting Yellow Croaker Yellowbelly Flounder
Yellowfin Sole Yellowfin Tuna Yellowtail Zander

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