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Frozen Food Manufacturers Belgium

Frozen Food Manufacturers Belgium

Frozen Food manufacturers, brands, specialists and producers in Belgium. Here you can find contact information of the frozen food manufacturers and frozen food processors. Production of the following frozen products: IQF frozen fruit, ice cream, frozen potato products, frozen fries, frozen vegetables, frozen herbs, frozen meat products, frozen bakery & pastry products, frozen ready meals and snacks.

Logo Ad van GelovenAd van Geloven / Mora

Overview: Manufacturer of frozen food products. Ad van Geloven offers a range of pastry products, meat croquettes, crispy and well-filled spring rolls and various variations of chicken and pork satay.

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Logo Agristo NVAgristo NV

Overview: Since 1986 Agristo has developed into a world player for the development and production of frozen potato products. The company has production units in Nazareth, Wielsbeke and Tilburg (The Netherlands). They specialize in offering an extremely wide range of frozen fries and derived potato products, made to measure for each client.

Waterstraat 40
8531 Harelbeke België

Telephone: +32 (0)56 73 50 50

E-mail: info@agristo.com
Website: www.agristo.com

Logo Alysse Food SAAlysse Food S.A. Belgium Frozen American Bread & Pastries

Overview: Production of frozen American inspired bakery products and pastries. Founded in 1995, a 100% family owned company, Alysse Food is nowadays one of the leading companies in the production of american inspired bakery products.

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Logo ArdoArdo

Overview: production of frozen fruit, vegetables, pasta and rice.

Ardo Ardooie
Wezestraat 61
8850 Ardooie

Tel.: +32(0)51 310621
Fax: +32(0)51 305997

E-mail: info@ardo.be
Website: www.ardo.com

Logo ClareboutClarebout Potatoes

Overview: Clarebout Potatoes was established in 1988, its main activity became the processing of fresh potatoes into pre-fried and frozen potato products.

Clarebout Potatoes nv
Heirweg 26
8950 Nieuwkerke – Heuvelland

Tel.: +32 57 44 69 01
Fax: +32 57 44 69 06

E-mail: info@clarebout.com
Website: www.clarebout.com


Overview: a 100% family owned company with its head office and main production site in the middle of Flanders, the richest agricultural area in Europe, which counts for 30% of the total European output of frozen vegetables.

D’ARTA Belgium (headoffice)
Pittemsestraat 58 A
8850 Ardooie

Tel: +32 (0)51 74 69 91
Fax: +32 (0)51 74 69 68

E-mail: sales@darta.com
Website: www.darta.com

Logo DirafrostDirafrost

Overview: Dirafrost’s vision is to be a preferred partner for frozen fruit solutions, through their passion for quality, supply chain excellence & customer proximity. Dirafrost fast freeze crop as soon as they are harvested. Dira brands cover a range of high quality frozen fruit products for foodservice & retail.

Klaverbladstraat 11
3560 Lummen

Tel.: +32 13 55 27 01

Website: www.dirafrost.com

Logo Dujardin FoodsDujardin Foods Group NV

Overview: Dujardin Foods has become one of the leading European producers of frozen vegetables, herbs, ingredients and ready-meals.

Zwevezeelsestraat 142
8851 Ardooie-Koolskamp

Tel.: +32 (0)51 610 610
Fax: +32 (0)51 610 650

Website: www.dujardin-foods.com

Logo EcofrostEcofrost Inc.

Overview: Ecofrost Inc. is a young Belgian company located in Peruwelz. The company specialises in frozen potato products, mainly frozen chips. Ecofrost offers quality products at competitive prices. Ecofrost Inc. Delivers products to more than 110 countries world-wide.

Rue de L’Europe 34
B-7600, Péruwelz

Telephone: +32 (0)69 36 29 40
Fax: +32 (0)69 36 29 41

E-mail: info@ecofrost.be
Website: www.ecofrost.be

Logo Gourmand NVGourmand S.A. Belgium Frozen Bakery & Pastry

Overview: Production of frozen bakery & pastry products. The company is leading in producing and supplying value-added frozen laminated pastries to all different kind of channels throughout the world.

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Logo HerbafrostHerbafrost

Overview: producer of frozen herbs. Herbafrost is one of the market leaders in the world of IQF herbs. Herbafrost is based in Hulshout and Diksmuide-Vladslo. The production fields are located in the immediate vicinity of the Herbafrost sites, allowing the herbs to be processed immediately after harvesting in order to preserve their flavour, colour, texture and vitamins.

Industriepark 13,
Hulshout 2235

Tel.: +32 (0) 15 22 46 87
Fax: +32 (0) 15 22 53 69

E-mail: info@herbafrost.be
Website: www.herbafrost.be

Logo IgloIglo Belgium N.V.

Manufacturer of frozen food products. Iglo offers a range of frozen fish products, ready meals and frozen vegetable products.

> More information about Iglo Belgium

logo ijsboerkeIJsboerke

Overview: producer of Belgian ice cream.

Gierlebaan 100
B-2460 Tielen

Tel.: +32 14 55 92 11

E-mail: info@ijsboerke.be
Website: www.ijsboerke.be

logo jacques iceJACQUES ICE / Jacques IJs NV

Overview: JACQUES ICE is a 100% independent family business, located in Westerlo-Oevel. The company is specialised in the development and production of ice cream, sorbet, fruit ice and water ice. Driven by innovation and continuous product development JACQUES ICE offers a wide range of qualitative products such as cones, push ups, sticks, squeezers, cups and ice logs.

Nijverheidsstraat 54
BE 2260 Westerlo/Oevel

Tel.: +32 (0)14 22 48 72
Fax: +32 (0)14 23 22 47

E-mail: info@jacques-ice.com
Website: www.jacques-ice.com

Logo LutosaLutosa Belgium

Manufacturer of frozen food products. Lutosa offers a wide range of fries and frozen potato specialties.

> More information about Lutosa Belgium

Logo Pomuni FrozenPomuni Frozen

Overview: Pomuni is a potato supplier that, under private labels, provides retailers, wholesalers and food services with fresh and frozen potato products of the highest quality. Pomuni produces frozen potato croquettes and ready-to-eat frozen mashed potatoes, as well as pre-baked potatoes.

Vaartstraat 247
B – 2520 Ranst

Tel.: +32 (0)3 475 12 12
Fax: +32 (0)3 475 10 18

E-mail: frozen@pomuni.com
Website: www.pomuni.com

Logo VanreuselVanReusel Snacks nv

Overview: Manufacturer of frozen food products. VanReusel Snacks offers snack specialities, frozen meat products, such as hamburgers, croquettes and satays.

Lozenweg 30
B-3930 Hamont

Tel.: +32 11 44 04 60
Fax: +32 11 62 18 39

E-mail: info@vanreusel.be
Website: www.vanreusel.eu

Wilki N.V.

Overview: Manufacturer of frozen chicken products.

Nijverheidsstraat 28
2381 Weelde

Tel.: +32 (0)14 65 96 11

E-mail: info@wilki.be
Website: www.wilki.be