Frozen Food Manufacturers Japan

Frozen Food Manufacturers Japan

Frozen Food manufacturers, brands, specialists, suppliers and producers in Japan. Here you can find contact information of the frozen food manufacturers and frozen food processors. Production of the following frozen products: IQF frozen fruit, ice cream, frozen potato products, frozen fries, frozen vegetables, frozen beans, frozen legumes, frozen herbs, frozen rice, frozen pasta, frozen meat products, frozen bakery & pastry products, frozen fish, seafood, frozen ready meals and snacks.


Overview: ASC, established in 1994, supplies tropical frozen fruit, frozen fruit puree and frozen vegetables. The company imports the best quality agro-industrial products that South America offers. ASC Brands: Tropical Maria and Veggie Maria.

Kanda 91 Building 5F, 1-8-3 Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0044

Tel.: (+81) 3-5244-4660
Fax: (+81) 3-5244-4670



Overview: IQF Frozen Fish and Seafood. TAKAHASHI SUISAN CO.,LTD. was established in 1961 as a frozen fishing bait packing factory for long line tuna fishing vessels in Japan. We have 2 packing factories and plenty of cold storages in both KANTO area (East area) and SANRIKU area (North-east area). Especially, in our Kurohae Factory located in Choshi city, currently becomes one of the model factory of frozen packing facilities in Japan only 3 years after its establishment, we can produce 500 MT of frozen products.

Company Details and Contact Information
> TAKAHASHI SUISAN Co.Ltd. 7400-10 Kurohae Choshi Chiba Pref.

Tohto Suisan Co., Ltd.

Overview: IQF Frozen Fish and Seafood. Wholesale marine products, cold storage. Tohto Suisan was established in 1948 at Tsukiji Market. Supply of fresh and frozen seafood, as well as all types of processed marine foods collected from regions throughout Japan and around the world. The Frozen Fish Department collects products from frozen items to traditional salt-cured products from around the world.

Company Details and Contact Information
> Tohto Suisan Co., Ltd., Koto City, Toyosu, Tokyo