Frozen Food Manufacturers Kosovo

Frozen Food Manufacturers Kosovo

Frozen Food manufacturers, specialists and producers in Kosovo, Europe. Here you’ll find contact information of the frozen food manufacturers and frozen food processors. Production of the following frozen products: IQF frozen fruit, ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen potato products, frozen fries, IQF frozen vegetables, frozen herbs, frozen meat products, pork, poultry, frozen fish & seafood, frozen bakery & pastry products, frozen meals and snacks.

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Overview: Frozen Mushrooms, Herbs and Fruit. Hit-Flores LLC is a processor and exporter of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) and cultivated berries (raspberry). It is a family owned business with over 30-year experience in collection, processing and export of NWFP products. The company is located in the Sharri Mountain of Kosovo, rich with wild flora.

Hit-Flores possesses processing facilities with annual capacity up to 1,500 tons including driers and freezing rooms as well as processing machines. Collection of NWFP-s is done throughout Kosovo directly by the company itself and through collaboration with 15 collection centeres.

The main products of the company are wild fruits, mushrooms and herbs. In addition, since 2010 Hit-Flores LLC has begun to work with cultivation of raspberries – varieties Meeker and Villamette; as well as strawberries – variety Senga Sengana. Besides its own cultivation, the company has contracted production of about 100 ha of raspberries and 10 ha of strawberries.

The company exports its products to Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland. The products are of high quality, prepared by a team of reliable and experienced workers. Most of the products have organic certification. The company’s constant readiness for improvement is known and it has high satisfactory rate of customers. 

Address HQ:
Dragash 22000

Telephone: +383 29 281 280