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Frozen Food Manufacturers Ukraine

Frozen Food Manufacturers Ukraine

Frozen Food manufacturers, specialists and producers in the Ukraine. Here you can find contact information of the frozen food manufacturers and frozen food processors. Production of the following frozen products: IQF frozen fruit, frozen fish, frozen desserts, ice cream, frozen potato products, frozen fries, frozen vegetables, frozen herbs, frozen meat products, frozen pastry products, seafood, frozen meals and snacks.

Logo Smelyanska HlodnyaSmelyanska Hlodnya LLC

Overview: biggest enterprise in Ukraine for the production of Individually Quick Frozen vegetables and fruits. The volume of production is more than 8,000 tons of finished products per year.

Cherkasy region., Smila district,
from. Holodnyanskoe
Str. Rzhevskaya, d. 24B

Tel.: +38 (067) 568-71-71
Fax: +38 (04733) 2-23-79

E-mail: smelyanska.hlodnya@gmail.com
Website: www.smelholod.com.ua

Logo Sun ImpexSun Impex Ukraine LLC

Overview: Sun Impex Ukraine LLC is one of the leading global merchandiser of diverse agro commodities. They are headquartered in Dubai and have global offices that spans across India, Myanmar, Ukraine and Rotterdam. Sun Impex Ukraine LLC trades IQF Fruits and Vegetables. Sun Impex is one of the leading IQF fruits & Vegetables suppliers which offer premium quality IQF fruits and IQF vegetables free from any adulteration.

Sun Impex Ukraine LLC,
Fontanskaya Doroga 18,
Office – 30,
Ukraine – 65062

Tel.: +38 048 796 38 40
Fax: +38 048 748 07 50

E-mail: enquiries@sunimpex.biz
Website: www.sunimpex.biz