Frozen Hake Suppliers Mauretania

Frozen Hake Suppliers Mauretania

Contact information of Frozen Hake Suppliers in Mauretania. B2B Mauretanian frozen food, seafood & fish manufacturers, processors, specialists, fisheries, brands, packers, fisheries, importers, exporters, foodservice, retail, traders, wholesalers and distributors of IQF Frozen Hake Products.

Production in Mauretania of Frozen Hake, snap frozen, whole, skin off, packaged, portions, tails, blocks, cubes, fillets, cakes, medallions, battered, headed, gutted, smoked, fingers, breaded and steaks. After catching, the Hake is individually frozen within a few hours to maintain the highest quality and to preserve all the natural flavours and nutrition. The Hake is rapidly frozen at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Benefits: longer shelf life, vitamins, minerals, colour, flavour, form, taste, aroma, structure and texture remain intact after defrosting. Ready for further processing into soups, prepared meals, or specialty items.

Lorpex Fish

Overview: Frozen Fish & Seafood. Lorpex fish, member of Lorpex Group, is a company specialized in the market of fresh and frozen seafood, caught in Mauritania, based in Mauritania and specialized in the export of fresh and frozen fish. We offer more than 50 species of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods caught in Mauritanian coast. The quality of our products is guaranteed due to the reputation of this coast, known among the richest in the world.

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