Frozen Ocean Perch Suppliers Canada

Frozen Ocean Perch Suppliers Canada

Contact information of Frozen Ocean Perch suppliers in Canada. B2B Canadian frozen food, seafood & fish manufacturers, processors, specialists, brands, packers, fisheries, importers, exporters, foodservice, retail, traders, wholesalers and distributors of IQF Frozen Ocean Perch Products.

Production in Canada of Frozen Ocean Perch, snap frozen, whole, skin off, packaged, portions, tails, blocks, cubes, fillets, cakes, medallions, battered, headed, gutted, smoked, fingers, breaded and steaks. After catching, the Ocean Perch is individually frozen within a few hours to maintain the highest quality and to preserve all the natural flavours and nutrition. The Ocean Perch is rapidly frozen at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Benefits: longer shelf life, vitamins, minerals, colour, flavour, form, taste, aroma, structure and texture remain intact after defrosting. Ready for further processing into soups, prepared meals, or specialty items.

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Overview: Frozen Seafood wholesaler. Seacore Seafood Inc. was established in 1987 in a 7,000 sq. ft. facility. The company has grown since its early days and is now located in a 75,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility to service its present clientele and to facilitate the growth of its other companies: OceanPrime, Fisherman’s Depot and Seafood Depot. Seacore Seafood is a wholesaler of quality fresh and frozen seafood products.

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> Seacore Seafood Inc., 81 Aviva Park Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9C1