Frozen Pink Shrimp Suppliers The Netherlands

Frozen Pink Shrimp Suppliers The Netherlands

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Supply and production in The Netherlands of frozen Pink Shrimp, snap frozen, land-frozen, sea-frozen, wild, farmed, block frozen, whole, boneless, packaged, portions, tails, meat, blocks, cubes, fillets, cakes, clusters, headed, head on, gutted, peeled, shell on, cooked, smoked, fingers, sticks, flakes, battered and breaded. After catching, the Pink Shrimp is individually frozen within a few hours to maintain the highest quality and to preserve all the natural flavours and nutrition. The Pink Shrimp is rapidly frozen, at sea or on land, at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Benefits: longer shelf life, vitamins, minerals, colour, flavour, form, taste, aroma, structure and texture remain intact after defrosting. Ready for further processing into soups, prepared meals, or specialty items.

Klaas Puul B.V.

Overview: IQF Frozen Seafood. Klaas Puul BV has been one of the leading producers of fresh fish products in Europe for decades. From catch to delivery to the customer, Klaas Puul manages the entire production and processing process. We offer the highest quality in fruits-de-mer, crayfish and of course shrimp.

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> Klaas Puul B.V., Hyacintenstraat 16, 1131 HW Volendam