Frozen Rock Gunnel Processors Suppliers Manufacturers

Frozen Rock Gunnel Processors Suppliers Manufacturers

On this page you’ll find a list and contact information of frozen fish & frozen seafood processors, specialists, manufacturers, importers, exporters, traders, wholesalers, brands and distributors of Frozen Rock Gunnel Products Worldwide.

Production of Frozen Rock Gunnel products, frozen fish fillet, IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), whole, scaled, headed, dried, gutted, cooked, skinless, salted, steaks, portions, smoked, breaded, tails, loin, blocks and fillets.

Logo Ticasa PerfitTicasa B.V.

Overview: TICASA is a company with a very wide assortment of frozen exotic fish. The assortment is continuously adapted to the wishes of their customers. From all parts of the world they import fish and keep their stock in an EC approved coldstore in Stellendam. The TICASA product is recognizable by the brandname Perfit.

Frozen fish product range: Anchovy, Pomfret, Moonfish, Barracuda, Denton, Hake, Grouper, Rock Gunnel, Bonito, Giant Trevally, Rohu, Ribbonfish, Red Tilapia, Red Grouper, Red Snapper, Red Mullet, Sardine, Rabbitfish, Ponyfish, Needlefish, Milkfish, Mahi Mahi, Pacific Ladyfish, King Mackerel, Catla, Indian Mackerel, Horsmackerel, Hilsa, Emperor Fish, Atlantic Croaker, Chooperai, Black Pomfret, Tilapia, Saithe, and Wahoo.

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