Frozen Whiting Suppliers The Netherlands

Frozen Whiting Suppliers The Netherlands

Contact information of Frozen Whiting suppliers in The Netherlands. B2B Dutch frozen fish & seafood suppliers, processors, manufacturers, specialists, brands, companies, packers, fisheries, importers, exporters, foodservice, retail, buyers, sellers, traders, wholesalers and distributors of IQF Frozen Whiting Products.

Supply and production in The Netherlands of frozen Whiting, snap frozen, land-frozen, sea-frozen, wild, game fish, farmed, block frozen, whole, raw, skinless, skin on, boneless, descaled, packaged, portions, tails, blocks, cubes, fillets, cakes, medallions, headed, gilled, gutted, scaled, smoked, fingers, battered, breaded and steaks. After catching, the Whiting is individually frozen within a few hours to maintain the highest quality and to preserve all the natural flavours and nutrition. The Whiting is rapidly frozen, at sea or on land, at very low temperatures to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Benefits: longer shelf life, vitamins, minerals, colour, flavour, form, taste, aroma, structure and texture remain intact after defrosting. Ready for further processing into soups, prepared meals, or specialty items.

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Overview: IQF Frozen Fish & Seafood. Van der Lee Seafish is a leading seafood supplier in Urk and a single place for a great variety of fish and seafood for wholesale and retail companies. Fresh and Frozen Seafood from the North Sea, Imported fish, Bread-crumbed and deep fried fish products.

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