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Grolleman Coldstores, founded in 1976 in Olst, The Netherlands, is a family-owned company. Grolleman Coldstores has two cold store locations, one in Apeldoorn – easily accessible from the A1 as well as the A50 – and one in Olst. Grolleman Coldstores is an all-round service provider for companies that want to have their products packaged, chilled, frozen and/or stored.

The total storage capacity for the Apeldoorn and Olst locations is approximately 19000 pallets. The Capacity of the freezing tunnels is 500 tonnes per day. Chilled-storage rooms have a capacity of 950 tonnes. Grolleman makes use of both fixed and mobile racking to store frozen goods.

Grolleman Coldstore
Grolleman Coldstore

Packaging, labelling, storage, quality control, tempering/thawing, food and beverages, meat.

Grolleman Coldstore B.V.
Ecofactorij 14
7325 WC Apeldoorn

Grolleman Vrieshuis Exploitatie Maatschappij B.V.
Industrieweg 23
8121 BZ Olst

Grolleman Transport B.V.
Postbus 19
8130 AA Wijhe

Location Apeldoorn