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About Harlan Bakeries

Frozen Raw Dough Bagels and Pies Production. Harlan Bakeries LLC, is a family owned business that produces a wide range of bakery products and dry bakery mixes. Their foundation was with premium quality Kosher bagels and bagel related products, but growth has made the product line even wider each year.

The original company was founded in November of 1990 by brothers Hugh & Doug Harlan. The company has continued to grow each year and they have acquired some other brands and companies along the way as well as expanded their current facilities.

In 2000 Kyger Bakery Products Inc. was purchased and the company expanded into production of quality pies. 2002 Harlan purchased A.C.E. Baking Company, Inc. of Denver CO and expanded their reach in bagel products. In 2005 Harlan purchased various facilities of Meyers Bakeries and launched Southern Bakeries, LLC. This division of Harlan Bakeries provides some great bread products and English muffins to expand the scope of their product offerings. In 2008 Harlan purchased a 200,000 sf. mixing and dry blending facility in Effingham IL.

Harlan Bakeries Frozen Products

• Frozen Raw Dough Bagels
• Crème & Meringue Pies


7597 E US Hwy 36,
Avon, IN 46123

Telephone: +1 317 272 3600

Website: www.harlanbakeries.com