Healthy Egypt For Export & Commercial Agencies, Alexandria, Egypt

Healthy Egypt For Export & Commercial Agencies, Alexandria, Egypt

About Healthy Egypt

Healthy Egypt is a young processor and producer of IQF frozen fruits and frozen vegetables. The unbridled dedication of all staff and the fast growing customer confidence, healthy food has quickly become one of the most trusted players in the fruits and vegetables markets. Each year, around 20,000 tons of fruits and vegetables find their way to tables around the world. For more than seven years, healthy food has been preserving the precious gifts of mother nature. Year after year, one harvest after the other, Healthy Egypt supplies growing markets around the world with high quality fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Egypt Products:

• IQF Frozen fruit, kiwi, mango, pomegranates seeds and strawberry.
• IQF Frozen vegetables, taro, eggplant, cauliflower, Broccoli, cut green beans, peas with carrots, peas, Broad beans, Okra, Spinach, Minced Molokai and Artichokes.

Packaging: Bulk , 2.5 kg x 4 , catering products 400 Gram and private labels.


475 El-HORRIA Road,

Telephone: +2 0100 5876 887
Telephone: +2 0155 7993 085
Fax: +2 035414724