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For over 30 years, Heinen Freezing has been a competent partner in the international food and beverage industry specializing in industrial pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing systems. With their own design, construction, manufacturing and pre-assembly at the factory in Varel in North Germany, together with their installation and service technicians on-site throughout the world, Heinen guarantees the highest quality and dependability of their products and services.

As a part of the Amandus Kahl Group, Heinen Freezing is backed by economic strength and extra resources. Heinen Freezing is today’s European market leader in machines and equipment for pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing.

Product information
Heinen produces industrial machines and equipment for continuous pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing of food. Whether single, low-capacity machines, a large-scale series of machines, or complex combinations of machines in a production line – the products are tailored to your specifications. They’ll either design and construct a customized solution especially for you or you can choose from one of the high-quality models in our standard product line, adapted to your requirements by utilizing the numerous time-proven options.

All types of packaged or unpackaged foods that you wish to pasteurize, ferment, cool or freeze in a continuous process. Whether it’s the small quantity of raw hamburgers that have to be frozen, the product with the long retention time already packaged in the carton, the hot, ready-to-eat meals that have to be cooled gradually in large numbers without freezing the barrier layer, or the baked rolls, which have to be fermented and cooled first before freezing.

– Spiral Freezers
– Compact Freezers
– Fluidized Tunnel Freezers
– Singlepass / Multipass Belt Freezers
– Fluidized Bed Freezers
– Modular Multilevel Box Freezers

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