Hongos de Zamora S.L., C/ Lagar de Avedillo, 49024 Zamora, Spain

Hongos de Zamora S.L., C/ Lagar de Avedillo, 49024 Zamora, Spain

About Hongos de Zamora

Frozen Mushrooms and other wild products trader company. We are a Spanish company with a long experience in mushrooms proccessing and distributing. We opened our professional path some years ago. Our professionalism has allowed us to grow rapidly in a very competitive market in which the quality that of our trademark makes the difference. Mushrooms are very delicate products that need the maximum attention in its processing. In Honza we put all our effort to make our mushrooms reach to you in perfect conditions. This is the only way to win your trust, as we have already done with so many customers.

Honza is dedicated to the marketing of wild mushrooms and forest fruits. Our team are graduate experts in mycology and all of our employees are offered continuous training concerning funghi biology, diversity and handling. Every product we work with is obtained through our own harvesting networks established in the cropping areas, on an international level. That allows us to reduce mushrooms handling time to the maximum, so that, both fresh sale and preservation take place in the next 24hours after their harvesting.

Honza offers fresh mushrooms when nature allows it, but when it is not possible, we render you our extraordinary range of dehydrated or frozen mushrooms, in packages suitable for general public or for the Food Services. Honza offers a customized post-sales service based on our customer’s needs continuous research to fit our offer to each particular circumstance.

Hongos de Zamora products:

• Frozen Fruits (Blueberries, Raspberries, Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Wild Blackberries, Strawberries)
• Frozen Mushrooms (Truffles, Chanterelle, Fairy Ring Mushroom, Black Trumpet, Black Truffle, Champignon, Oyster Mushroom, Shiitake, Nameko, Caesar’s Mushroom, Morel, St. George’s Mushroom)


Lagar de Avedillo, naves 1 y 2,
Pol. Ind. Valcabado, 49024, (ZAMORA)

Telephone: +34 980 509 215
Fax: +34 980 509 883

E-mail: info@honza.es
Website: www.honza.es