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About Hutt Trucking Company

Refrigerated Transport, Logistics and Warehousing. Hutt Logistics offers dry and frozen warehouse facilities in Holland and Hudsonville. The strategically located temperature controlled facility in Hudsonville, MI boasts 1.9 million cubic feet of space. Hutt is close enough to offer cost efficient transportation procurement and proximity to key customers. Be it cross-dock services, consolidation or just storage.

Hutt continues to leverage their high truck to trailer ratio in order to offer dedicated short and long-term transportation and warehousing services to customers. By dropping trailers Hutt provides their customers with the needed convenience of utilizing their assets as they desire, this also decreases the overall driver and tractor requirement to keep a shuttle operation moving, while increasing throughput.

Hutt’s warehousing arm leverages the transportation service to keep operating hours and costs to a minimum and provide our customers with the highest value possible.

Hutt Trucking Company Hudsonville Warehouse Services

• AIB Approved
• -20 degree Fahrenheit (Deep Frozen) storage environment
• Segregated rooms for 0 degree (Frozen) storage options
• 148,000 square feet of warehouse facility
• 19,500 racked pallet positions
• 5,100,000 cubic feet of storage capacity
• (20) loading docks
• Cross-docking capabilities
• Integrated Transportation Services capabilities


2966 Highland Drive
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Telephone: +1 616 928 0221
Fax: +1 616 928 0225