IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore Launches New Reefer

IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore Launches New Reefer

IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore, a member of the Ferguson Group, a leading supplier to the offshore energy industry with a range of temperature controlled modules available from bases all over the world, has expanded its fleet of DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 reefers with the launch of a new Zone 2 certified refrigerated/freezer module.

The new module has been developed as a result of consultation with customers, who wanted modules that could be classified for use in Zone 2 hazardous areas.

James Scullion, Group Modular Solutions Product Manager said:
“Our customers asked us to supply ATEX compliant units for platforms, FPSOs and drilling rigs. We are now able to produce units that comply with the requirements for hazardous Zone 2 locations.”

These units are compliant with ATEX 94/9/EC and Group 11 Category 3.

Scullion: “As with all our offshore units, the modules are constructed to DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 standards. This certification process involves independent inspection in order to assure that the modules are designed, built and maintained in a robust manner that protects both the cargo and the personnel working with the unit.”

The modules are designed to maintain a constant pre-defined temperature, using a combination of external container doors and interior cold room doors to ensure maximum cargo protection from the harsh environment these units operate in.

IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore modules have an external temperature readout, internal lighting and man trapped alarm fitted as standard to ensure personnel are safe at all times and to comply with strict HSE standards. Furthermore, the new Zone 2 unit is fitted with rig connection points, in order that the alarm is sounded locally and in the rig control room itself.

Scullion: “We believe this will be a useful addition to the fleet and have received a great deal of interest from our global customer base.”

Source: IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore

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