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About Interstate Cold Storage, Inc.

The warehouse and distribution professionals of Interstate Cold Storage, Inc. treat you and your products to a world of cost effective, customized, door-to-door refrigerated services. Distribution capabilities enables the company to protect your products from the time it reaches the refrigerated loading docks until delivery at the customer. In between, a comprehensive array of services is tailored to your specific needs. With over 40 years of exceptional service, the family owned refrigerated warehousing company takes great pride in providing solutions to your business.

Cold Storage

Interstate Cold Storage is dedicated to providing cost effective, reliable and secure cold storage and distribution solutions. Their five modern temperature controlled and fully racked facilities have the latest technologies incorporated with ammonia refrigeration systems.

Interstate Cold Storage Napoleon Warehouse Services

• Storage temperatures from -15oF to +50oF
• USDA Establishment Number 19162
• Quick Freezing facilities for up to 250,000 pounds per day
• Single-story reinforced concrete and steel panel construction
• In-house transportation services available
• Re-circulated ammonia refrigeration system
• All rooms convertible
• Fully racked warehouse
• EDI and Customer Internet Access​
• Storage: 3,175,0003 ft.

Address HQ

1 Interstate Dr.
Napoleon, OH 43545

Telephone: +1 419 599 0510
Fax: +1 419 599 1665